Pučišća is a settlement and harbor located on the northern coast of the island of Brač, and it is the second largest settlement on the island after Supetar. Moderate and pleasant climate and typical Mediterranean white roofed houses give the place a special charm. Pučišća is an excellent holiday destination away from the city scramble in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. You can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear sea as well as indulge in Brač specialties and top quality olive oil.

      There is a saying about Pučišća which says that it was created in stone, on stone and by stone and that stone is its beginning and its end – measure of all things. 

      In fact, one out of three remaining stone masonry schools in the whole Europe still operates in Pućišća and stone masonry is a traditional craft here.

Popular internet portal Distractify has included one Croatian town in its list of the 30 Most Breathtaking Small Towns In The World…

Great promotion for the beautiful little settlement of Pučišća on the Dalmatian island of Brač, which was named on the list. Distractify has hundreds of thousand daily visitors and has over 1 million followers on Facebook.

“The island of Brač is home to some of the highest quality stone in Europe and that’s exactly why Pučišća was built. Both the altar to the Roman God Jupiter and more modern architecture are exquisite works of art – as is the natural landscape that surrounds the town. When you consider that the small town has been home to some of the finest stonemasons in history, this should come as no surprise,”wrote Distractify.

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